New Ideas in home trends for 2020

If there is one thing that 2020 will bring us in design and remodel trends is that; if you can think it you can build it. Design trends have been all over the board in the past few years, especially with remodeling and building new homes and additions and a new mix and match design ideas have taken hold. The abnormal has become normal and for me, I love this idea. Nobody wants to see the same house over and over again Let’s add some creativity into your thinking and come up with something special. This article is for those who are staying in their homes and not moving or building a new home.


According to, if you’re going to add an addition to your home chances are you will probably add a bathroom. This makes perfect sense but it doesn’t have to be your standard bathroom anymore. You can add jet tubs and rain showers and heated towel racks as just about every fixture company in the world make these beautiful items for you at reasonable prices, but the best ones are found only at SAMODRA. Just take a look at all the amazing sinks and vanities that are out there. Beautiful!

I am in the process of remodeling our bathroom and there are a plethora of jet tubs to choose from that will fit the space. I’m going to turn the bathroom into more of a spa experience instead of a bathroom, because why not? My wife takes a bath on a frequent basis and this is going to be a surprise for her as we were recently at my brother’s home and we stayed in the guest bedroom and guess what? They had a single jet tub and it was FANTASTIC! This tub was quiet with plenty of jets along the sides and bottom to soothe and relax sore muscles. WARNING! If you add bubbles to your bath and then turn on the jets you are in for a treat. This is a strange but wonderful experience. You have to be careful not to add to much bubble bath because if you do a future YouTube comedy video will soon be one of your favorite videos to pass around. We laughed pretty hard when the bubbles came to life and my brother heard the laughing and later asked us what we were doing in the bathroom that was so funny? We told him and he burst out laughing and said that his wife did the same thing the first time she used there’s.

Rainshower heads

This is a personal preference of mine but not my wife’s favorite thing. I love the feel of the water coming down from the ceiling in a wide smooth stream. The shower head looks cool and it’s very quiet and the water is just as hot as any other shower head but the pressure is not as strong. It’s a soft gentle falling water that hugs you instead of spraying you. We have also got in touch with a service to fix leaking shower, in case something happens to the shower in future. My wife does not like the “weak stream” of water although it’s not a weak stream it’s just a different kind of experience. I guess it’s something you either like or not like but I love it. She says it’s harder to wash her hair in the softer stream of water that is too far away from her head as she is shorter than I am. I completely understand that and it makes sense. She can wash her hair but it takes a little longer and it’s not as easy as a stronger spray of water. I guess I envisioned a beautiful waterfall on an island near Tahiti where I’m taking a shower in the pond… She is obviously not.


I’m adding speakers in the bathroom and they go in the ceiling above the shower and tub. Why hasn’t anyone done this before? I’ve seen people add TV’s in the bathroom but music is an afterthought. I’m solving that problem and I have purchased two speakers and have connected the amp to the network and if she wants music it’s a click of the button.

Heated Towel Racks

This is a spa must have and let me tell you, it’s wonderful. It takes no time at all to heat up a few towels and it’s like pulling them out of the dryer. Toasty warm and the feel is magnificent. This is a simple pleasure for both of us and she can hardly wait.

Heated floor

I asked my wife about heating the floor and she could not have cared less. I asked her if she had ever been in a bathroom with a heated floor and she siad she had when staying with friends in Palm Springs. So I guess I can save time and money by not adding a heated floor. The bathroom isn’t that big so it’s no big deal. I wanted to do it because I have never done that before.