It’s time to think about a remodel.

Remodeling and lumber costs seem to go hand in hand and for good reason.  You can’t build anything without using all kinds of lumber and that includes plywood.  If you’re building a foundation the rising costs of cement has increased construction costs over ten percent.Navigate to for everything about foundation services. Electrical costs have

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Pandemic projects

During the Covid-19 pandemic everyone has had to adjust to a new way of living over the past year and it seems like this is going to drag out into next year as well.  I did some research and discovered that one of the most pleasing home improvements happening during the past year was gardening

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Accessory Dwelling Unit

I’m a fan of many home improvement and style magazines and one of my favorite magazines is Dwell. On the cover of Dwell was the latest trend of accessory dwelling units being built in backyards of larger homes. I poured over the article looking for a reason as to what this new trend was because

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Home libraries

As I get older I feel like I have become a little set in my ways. This isn’t a bad thing. It’s a good thing. I love the finer things in life and have found a balance between work and my private life that seems to be in harmony. I no longer care about the

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Deck railings

If the view off your back deck has a beautiful view then adding a railing becomes a challenge for design, functionality, and beauty. A three-headed monster of time consumption and thought now has to go into a needed functionality that is code-driven and expensive.

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