Marvin Windows

If you’re planning on remodeling your home or even looking to put an addition on the back or side of your home I suggest using Marvin Windows for the project. I have researched and purchased Marvin Windows for our home remodel project and I can honestly say that they are fantastic and I would not choose any other window.

My projects are ongoing as I’m not done with the house remodeling project. But, I’m taking my time and slowly getting one room at a time completed. In a previous article, I added cedar shakes to the back wall of the garage and then turned the corner onto the back of the house where you exit to the patio. That project called for a large floor to ceiling window that opened and an all-glass back door. I used Marvin Integrity windows and door for both and the look is amazing. Having the glass fill the small area lightened up the entire living area of our home. We can now see the outdoor fireplace from the living room and kitchen and when you go outside you can see the entire inside of the home as well. Brilliant!

You can see from the pictures that the look is beautiful and it’s because of the Marvin windows. When working on the project I had a Window Design Center project manager come out and measure the space for the window and door and the measurements were perfect. When the time was right for the installation the window and door slipped right in with small gaps on either side for foam insulation. I was able to perform the installation myself with a little planning as these are heavy products.  I then added the cement step and I was done with the door and window completing a beautiful look with cedar shakes.

In my research, I found a couple of very good window and door products such as Anderson and even the high-end JELD-WEN windows but I went with Marvin Integrity for price and functionality. The large window opens from a crank at the bottom sill and it creates a huge opening for warm fresh air like no other window I had seen. We had the window wide open on Christmas Day because of how warm it was outside that day and from the ovens cooking dinners and the gas fireplace going in the living room, the fresh air felt great.

My latest project is redoing our bathroom and I’m ordering a Marvin frosted glass door for the bathroom. I’ve seen this look and I love how you can see the light filter through the glass just enough to know that the bathroom is in use.

I’m in the demolition phase now and the room is a mess but my wife and I are used to this phase and it won’t be long and it will all start to come together. I’m making the bathroom more of a spa for her with lots of cool features like a heated towel rack and outlets in the drawers so you don’t have to have the cords all over the place. Just open the drawer and grab the hairdryer and use it. When your done put it back in the drawer where the cord is. You never have to unplug the hairdryer and wrap the cord around the handle and then put it away. The tub is going to have jets and push-button functionality that only a spoiled princess would have. The showerhead will have a filtered water feature attached to it.

I’ll keep everyone posted on the progress so stay tuned.