Siding Trends for 2019

Siding trends have changed over the past decade and for 2019 the trend for siding has become interesting and stylish. Let’s take a look at what these style trends. For curb appeal alone keeping up with the current design trends is important for many reasons.  Subtle siding color palettes continue to be popular for homeowners but a new trend of mixing darker colors with lighter colors has become very popular. Using a mixture of light and dark hues such as a light-colored trim against a darker colored siding.

The other trend is to completely mix complimentary siding colors such as dark brown siding for dormers and the front entrance and then use a beige colored siding for the rest of the house. The contrast in colors is striking and beautiful.

The contrasting trends even go as far as to include wood beams and posts for the front porch. The dark brown and natural hues of wood blend beautifully together when they expand the entire front of the house. Even adding a natural wood door. Doing this accessorizes your house all to make your house stand out.  Trending colors to think about are deep and rich such as russet reds and deep forest and olive green hues. Adding a grey roof and white trim is an amazing look this season. I’ve also seen black shutters and black window panes.

There’s also a trend to paint the porch floor white along with the porch railing. The contrasting textures and colors add a great deal of drama to the front of your home. Adding brick or stone to the base of your home and then adding siding and then cedar shakes

Blending different siding types and textures is a strong and bold option for your home. When deciding to upgrade your home and are thinking about adding a new roof or new siding consider mixing up the textures and design for a beautiful.

One of the most important things to consider when choosing siding is choosing a low-maintenance and easily cleaned product. I have a friend who has a top half cedar shakes and has had to restain them twice since having them installed. However, I love the look of those cedar shakes but the cost of getting them restained was expensive and I’m not sure if I knew that I would have to stain them as often as he has that I would have chosen them.