Wood Fireplaces vs. Gas Fireplaces

Let’s face it, the choice between wood and gas fireplaces is a matter of preference, time, look and cost. Simple and easy, right? Not really because if you live in Wisconsin having any kind of fireplace at all is a beautiful thing but if you don’t want the mess or inconvenience of a wood fireplace then gas is your only option. It’s really a matter of preference because everyone knows that a wood fireplace is a lot more work.

But most people who love a gas fireplace know they have a specific look that isn’t the “real” look of a wood fireplace and they’re ok with that. The glass door usually is the give away to even the best and most natural gas fireplaces. A gas fireplace does not provide the beautiful sounds or the aroma of burning wood on a cold brisk autumn or winter evening, but that’s OK, having any kind of flame is better than nothing.

But for a gas fireplace, the more you spend the better it looks. I guess that’s true for just about anything. I have seen some spectacular gas fireplaces in homes and in restaurants but the cost of these are amazingly high.

I have both a wood fireplace and a gas fireplace but I use them for different purposes and seasons. Our wood burning fireplace is an outdoor fireplace that is big and beautiful as it’s made from natural stone and it looks like it’s been there for centuries as I built it to look that way.

Our living room fireplace is small and fits in a corner but it looks pretty and is the perfect balance for the room size. When we get up in the morning we hit the remote control and instantly the flame comes up and we have coffee by the fire every morning this fall and winter. It’s a beautiful thing.

On cool spring and summer evenings, we sit outside and light the wood fireplace and enjoy all the wonderful sights and sounds that a wood burning fireplace offers. We love it.

This brings me to you and your next remodel or addition. When adding a room onto the back or side of your home consider adding a gas fireplace to warm up the room and the ambiance. Then take your remodel to the next level and add a door that opens to the backyard when a large patio extends from the addition. That’s where you add the outside wood burning fireplace. You get the best of both worlds from the same addition.