Add a Sonos system to your remodel

An expensive housing market is encouraging homeowners to remodel their homes rather than move. This trend has been getting some extra strength with rising interest rates and the high costs of building a new home.  So as long as you’re going to stay in your home Exterior Renovations can help you with all your remodel needs.  Adding a Sonos sound system would be a must have addition to the remodel.  

Homeowners today believe that spending money on additions and remodeling is a far better option than moving. Some of the most popular home improvements are roofing, siding, along with new windows and doors. Exterior doors are getting strong support from homeowners who decided to remodel.

Other trendy items added to your remodel lists are sound systems like Sonos and homes you can control with your phone and an app. Sonos is amazing and if you ever tried you would be hooked. I have a Sonos system and can honestly say that Sonos is a bit pricey but the features are awesome.

Being able to control the volume for each zone is worth the price. You can also play different music in each zone but I don’t really have a use for that feature. Families with kids enjoy that particular feature but I have yet to use it. The downside of Sonos is the $349.00 price of the connect amp receiver for each zone. If you want a zone to include the kitchen, the lower level, the dining room, the master bedroom and the patio you’re looking at $1,745. (Tip: You can buy them cheaper on Amazon then you can directly from Sonos.) Each connect amp can support four speakers so you can maybe double up on the kitchen and the dining room but the other zones you will want to have four speakers. You don’t need to have Sonos speakers but they are wireless for easy setup. My speakers were already wired into the ceiling of our house so adding Sonos was a snap and I have to say Sonos is amazing.

One of the beautiful things about Sonos is that you don’t have to set up the entire house all at once. You can budget and ad connect amps one at a time. Sonos will play Spotify, Apple iTunes, Pandora, Amazon Music or any music system you have.

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