Remodeling trends for 2019

Are you planning on adding or renovating your home in 2019? If so here are some popular remodeling trends for you to think about.


This is not exactly a new trend, but it doesn’t seem to be going away either. Open kitchens, living rooms, and lower levels, for example, are growing more desirable as formal dining becomes less common for most families. If you’re going to have an addition added then creating a fireplace focal point and a high ceiling is the way to go.

Opening up the kitchen and the living room is a great idea especially for the chefs in your home. In the past, the person cooking is all by themselves when the kitchen was walled off from the guest sitting area. Keeping the kitchen and the dining area connected lets families interact more comfortably and it eliminates the formal dining room. As you already know, every family gathers in the kitchen regardless of how big or small it is. I used to say that I could place a pot of gold in the living room and say that anyone who finds any money in the house can have it and nobody would go into the living room. All our friends and family crowd together in the kitchen. Not any more. We tore down the walls and opened up the kitchen so now there’s a sitting area and the dining room table all in one room. It’s a thing of beauty and every space is used. The house feels much bigger and a lot less crowded.


I’m not a fan of clutter anywhere in our home. I would rather fill our house with a few great quality pieces then fill rooms full of lower quality items. While bright colors and a touch of opulence are popular, accumulating “stuff” is not. Take the kitchen cabinet as an example, which traditionally has been a much-coveted item. But as the younger generation leans towards minimalism — walls included, cabinets are not filling up the kitchen anymore. Upper cabinets are fading in favor of clean walls, and open shelving. Some think that open shelves are a hassle because you always have to clean and dust the shelves. Really? Two four foot shelves are a hassle? The look is warm and if you fill one shelf with cookbooks then it’s colorful and fun.

I love the open shelves look and if they’re placed on a corner they add an interesting dimension to the room. They have a kind of lofty feel to them which I like. I understand that if you completely disregard cabinets for open shelves you will have to dust your plates, pans, and glassware a great deal but a combination of the two styles is a beautiful look.


Graphic tilework is really trending right now—but this area runs some risk for me. People see it in pictures all over social media everybody wants it, but you may regret putting it your home as this is a trend that can grow tired after a while and it’s expensive and messy to replace.  Just food for thought.


My favorite part of the room when you walk into on is how the floor looks. All thanks to the Moisture reduction Products Miracote which we used on the floor. Floors are important and adding rugs and furniture add to the overall warmth and character of your home. There are a lot of flooring options and wood floors can easily transition from where the carpet ends and wood begins. I think that is harder to do with tile.

I like 5″ floorboards over 3″ boards as it makes the room feel bigger and not so much like a gymnasium floor. I prefer smooth boards to sculpted boards as the look is cleaner and beautiful where sculpted boards seem less expensive to me. However, this is just my opinion as both floors look very nice when installed.

These are just a few trends that will be seen and popular for your 2019 additions or remodel considerations.  As always we are here to help you with the planning and finer details so don’t be afraid to contact us about your plans.