The amazing Nest programmable thermostat

A Nest Learning Thermostat is an amazing thing and the longer you have it the more you realize how great it really is. The Nest is cool! Pure and simple. It looks incredible, it’s owned by Google, it’s completely programmable and you can work everything it does on your phone with Wifi. Those items all by themselves make it worth the pricey cost of $249.00. I know other thermostats can do similar things but this thing has panchè.

It looks cool attached to your wall and it brings a high tech feel to your home. Its round shape was a significant shift from all of the identical-looking rectangular thermostats on the market.

I love its large digital display that stretches across most of the thermostat’s face yet retains a minimal vibe. I enjoy the way the entire thermostat acted as a dial for adjusting the temperature and making changes to other HVAC settings. It also came with durable stainless steel accents and a black screen, a welcome alternative to all of the white plastic models in stores. The Nest programmable thermostat has an Apple product look and feel. The brushed aluminum dial and the black glass face. To fix the temperature inside one’s home Coastal Cooling Inc serving all of Sanibel Island has experts that can help.

Nest’s attention to the design of its flagship thermostat makes you wonder who was the founder of this high tech looking ting?  NASA?  Nest co-founders Matt Rogers and Tony Fadell are both former Apple employees who helped develop the iPod Classic (Rogers was a lead engineer for the iPod and iPhone; Fadell was an iPod executive who’s known as “The Father of the iPod,” both have since left Nest). If you’re familiar with the iPhone then you know there’s an Apple’s emphasis on product design, it isn’t surprising these Apple alums factored aesthetics heavily into the development of the Nest. It’s a beautiful thing!

If you take a look at the Nest and compare it to other thermostats that are plastic with rubber buttons and green displays you will see dramatic differences.  These older designs make you feel like you’re stuck in a time warp where everything looks the same for decades. Is that it? Is that the best Honeywell, Lux, and Emerson can do? Really? It’s like taking your iPhone to the Apple store and asking the guy at the genius bar if they have rotary phones….! I want something that’s interactive and able to do amazing things at a moments notice and I want to be able to do them on my phone.

This thing will send me emails and lets me know what my energy use was for the month and will compare the results to the previous month.

Nest and the future

So why do I feel so strongly about the Nest? I like to look at that question like author William Morris looks at things. – “Have nothing in your house that you do not know to be useful, or believe to be beautiful.” Perfect! Love and that’s a great way to look at things for your home.  Only buy things you love.

I like things that make me feel good and the Nest makes me feel good. I also just purchased the Nest smoke detector which by most standards isn’t a big deal.  What’s so special about a smoke detector? Here’s one thing – I was in northern Wisconsin on a fishing trip and my Nest sent me a warning that there was smoke in the hallway. I called home immediately and spoke to my wife who said she stepped out of the bathroom because it was getting too warm and was drying her hair in the hallway and the heat from the hair dryer set off the smoke detector … I was impressed that the Nest sent me the alarm message and it gave me confidence in the product.

The other item I love about the Nest smoke detector is that when you walk under it a light goes on and then fades away softly …. It even does it when our dog walks under it ….

Google now owns Nest as they bought the company in 2014 and for me, that’s not a negative thing. Google is a technological marvel and will have the financial power to keep the Nest going for years.

I will now research the purchase of the Nest home security devices.

Stay tuned.