Versetta Stone

It was training day at Exterior Renovations on a new product we are carrying that will enhance the exterior of your home with a stone product that is installed in panels. The product is called Versetta Stone. This is a mortarless product and faux stone that looks and feels like real stone. The beauty of this product is it will last forever and entire projects that have been completed in one day.

Traditional stone installations require a stonemason, scratch coating, metal laths, mortar mixing, and hand-cutting and fitting each stone in place, one stone at a time. There are also structural and seasonal considerations that have to be considered because of the weight of genuine stone and temperature for applications. If that’s not enough, there’s also a great deal of waste with genuine stone installations and when the job is complete there is a sealing issue to contend with. Granted, the genuine stone look is beautiful and for the right home it makes sense but this look is labor-intensive as well as it is expensive. You have to really want the natural stone to go down this road.


But, now there’s an alternative for a stone look that can be applied to a wide variety of homes at a much cheaper price and can be installed in one-tenth the time, and the look is just as stunning for residential as well as commercial properties.


Versaetta Stone has developed a product that changes the rules on how to install stone walls using mortarless stone panels that are 2×2 in dimension. These tongue and groove panels create perfect spacing every time and the panels are lightweight and fiber enforced concrete that replicates the authentic look and feel of natural stone with very little waste. They come with a rain screen already attached and the are no seasonal restrictions on applications because they are screwed to the wall instead of using a scratch coat and mortar so no professional mason is needed. Once the job is done there’s no need to seal it.


Additionally, no equipment is needed as every carpenter has a saw that can cut manufactured stone simply by putting on the mason blade. A hand drill is used for attaching the panels which is why this product can be easily installed by your carpenter or someone trained on how to use and install this product. You can also use this product on the inside of your home on an accent wall, or behind a bar, or how about in a wine cellar or around your fireplace. You can also add this look to a backsplash in the kitchen.


If you’re like me, I will try as many looks as possible to eliminate the use of drywall. Stone, wood, metal, and other materials add warmth and an element of charm and creativity to a wall instead of drywall. So any chance I get to switch out vinyl siding or drywall for stone or some other material, I’m going to look into it.


If this product looks interesting to you let us know and we can set up a time for a consultation and go over your options for a Versetta Stone installation.


Here’s a link to the Versetta Stone website if you want to learn more about this amazing product.