Mix your siding material for a big impact

Two of a good thing is always better than one, right? Especially when it comes to your siding materials. The two dimensional look with your siding materials adds a dramatic style that is noticeable and the impact this creates is soft and pleasing to the eye.The latest trend in home improvement and design is mixing your siding look, textures, and colors that add to curb appeal for an exciting effect. To put it all together ,know about us.I’m a big beleiver in scale and balance and things that are instantly pleasing to the eye because these things make you feel good for reasons you can’t understand or at least never thought of before.

The expanding trend of remodeling your current home instead of buying a new and larger home has been shifting for the past couple of years and the focus for remodelers and designers have been the driving force behind this trend. Monster homes have fallen out of favor as going green and keeping things “reasonable” is the new norm. Special features in electronics and smart homes have taken hold and its easy to make your home a smart home with todays gadgets. Staying where you’re at is so much easier now than ever before and few people want to carry so much debt in these uncertain times. So, let’s remodel!

Packing more drama into smaller pieces of your home is a cost-effective and efficient use of materials. Mix stone, wood, cedar shakes, steel, and brick along with vinyl siding or fiber-cement create a stunnig palate of materials that blend beautifully together. Cedar shakes can get expensive but in small areas of the exterior, the cost increase instead of some other material will be minimal. The added expense comes with labor as cedar becomes a little more labor-intensive. Add cedar shakes to the top gabel points above brick or vinyl siding for a intersting look and design. If you’re gping to add cedar shakes consoider staggering them for a look that is eye catching and powerful. You can add horizontal siding and the verticl wood siding with batons for dramatic appeal as well. Adding a contrating peak at the point below the roof will have your neighbors pointing to it as they walk by your home.

Copper downspouts and gutters ad an element of style that catches the eye immediately as they patina and age and if you need a new roof, three dimensional shingles should definnetly be considered. You can also check out Oakville Eavestrough and Siding Installers if you need any sliding or windows installations.  Three inch wood siding combined with 5″ vinyl siding is a beautiful combination of design and appeal that can be added in small areas and bump-outs around your home. When you focus on the smaller accessories adding the mix and match style takes a little creativity. Contrasting colors in side and window and door trim can really make a house pop on the street.

Stylish garage doors and walkways are an inexpensive improvement that can be done in short order. Adding windows to the top of the garage door will create an expensive look but the costs in small for the return on your investment.

Adding a porch railing, a covered fron and back deck, and flower boxes are all inexpensive details that increase the dramatic appeal to your home and these things make you feel good when you pull into your driveway. If you’re going to stay in your home lets make it greeat and have some fun with it.