Do’s and Dont’s for your 2018 remodel project

The first couple of months of every New Year are primetime for predictions. Everything from the economy to diets is fair game for the prognosticators in all industries, especially the home remodel industry.

For home design, the predictions from the experts at Houzz are always eagerly anticipated. Houzz is a website which offers products, ideas and names of contractors for home remodeling and decoration projects.  The site recently released a long list of do’s and don’t for home builders, remodelers and interior designers about what you should do to your home in 2018 and as you can imagine there were quite a few opinions on the subject.  So our list is based on personal preferences and loosely follows the trends.

Do this in 2018 … !

Garage spaces

It’s been said that no man wants a cluttered garage, so an intelligent designer will be inclined to pursue some uniquely modern storage ideas. Let’s take a look at what interior elements constitute an invitingly organized garage.  I’m not trying to slight any women out there but I bet that if you asked just about every women on the planet would not have any interest in the garage.  With the exception of having a heated garage.  Everyone wants that.

First off, you will need plenty of shelves not the wooden kind but the really cool steel or aluminum structures. The sheen will attract attention and distract from any messy areas. Clothing racks can have an identical influence on posh impressions.  If your space is limited, you can avoid a cramped feel by utilizing vertical brackets to instill a feel of roominess. When the walls still don’t provide enough storage facilities, you can utilize the ceiling by installing hooks and hangers. These are particularly great for keeping bicycles safely stored.

Adding a flat screen TV is a must.  Tv’s are so cheap that it’s almost silly not to add one in your garage.

Benches are ideal for creating a compact workshop, and these desks can showcase enough drawers to keep your tools in place. Finally, mats and carpeting with the help of Carpet Cleaning Cincinnati should be kept outside the entrance to eliminate any dirt that might otherwise be tracked inside.

But for trump garage aficionados the floor is where the rubber meets the road.  No pun intended but it’s true.  The rubberized floor coverings can be expensive but if you have serious cars and motorcycles then an awesome floor will set your garage apart from everyone else.

Don’t do this in 2018 … !

Movie rooms

The first thing you should not do is add a movie room …  Those days are gone forever as the expense and quality just isn’t there to justify all the added expense of adding the room and then the cost of buying the equipment.  I’ve been in movie rooms and I would rather cozy up to a great 50″ Plasma then a cloudy projector.  The huge downside to movie rooms is that it’s really only good for movies.  What about the World Series or the Masters golf tournament?  Have you ever tried watching those events on a projector?  I have and it’s not good …

Barn wood

Adding barn wood everywhere is now a trend that is fading, although I love the feel and warmth of barn wood so if you add is sparingly in your home it can be dramatic.  This was a trend that seemed to get a great deal of push back as many people still love this look.  The downside is barn wood can be expensive because its not easy to locate and it’s expensive to apply as each piece is usually in need of some type of handling.  The waste factor in barn wood is high as barn wood isn’t usually hand picked piece by piece.  Barn wood is often stacked and sold in bulk.  If you’re fortunate enough to have the time to take down a old barn then you can hand pick your pieces.  Barn wood is sold between $2.00 – $3.00 per square yard so it can become pricey depending on how much wall space you want to cover.