Need a new roof?

A true sign of the times is the visual observation of the skyline. We were out on our boat two weekends ago and noticed 24 construction cranes in the skyline from the east side of Madison to Middleton.  There’s a lot of construction going on in Madison and in Dane County.  Home sales are skyrocketing and many people have decided to sit this housing boom out because prices for homes are ridiculous.


So what are people doing with their homes? They’re remodeling their current home so as to not get caught up in the craziness of selling their home and then paying way too much for a home they may or may not want.  Even though lumber prices are 300% higher than 18 months ago, people are still remodeling like never before and one of the top remodeling items on the list is repairing their old roof with a new roof.


Roof Decking


When shingling and repairing your roof the first thing that will be discovered is any soft spot on the decking. This is an important first step that will explain a great deal about why your roof needs repair.  If several soft spots are discovered there’s a good chance that multiple sections of the decking will need to be replaced. Roof decking is not a major construction problem.  These soft spots usually mean a 4x 8 sheet of plywood or OSB is pulled up and replaced.  It’s very easy to do.  Where the problem comes into play is when you have multiple layers of shingles that need to come off before you get to the deck.  I have seen homes that have three layers of shingles.  This is not ideal as it is much better to replace shingles when you need to and remove the first layer to install the new layers or repair any sift decking.




New advancements in decking and in felt over the years make a much better roof that helps insulate and protect your home. Zip System roofing panels is the latest and most popular roof decking on the market today and although many companies are competing with them in this area, Zip Systems is the market leader and all the others are copying them.  Zip is expensive but so much better then regular OSB or plywood as they have a water protection barrier sprayed over the top and the taping allows for expansion without leaving gaps between boards. The seal is airtight and waterproof. Amazing.




Shingles have improved over the years and I love architectural shingles as opposed to the regular solid colors that have been around for years.  The options are beautiful but for me, contoured shingles work on some homes but not on others.  I believe that if you’re going to draw attention to your roof then you need the right home for that.




One of the most important part of any roof is to have it properly vented.  You don’t need powered vents or vents that spin and pull air into the roof, all you need is a center ridge venting system that runs the length of your home.  All the other gadgets people try and sell seem to gimmicky for me and not necessary.


So when you need a new roof and a roof consultation please do not hesitate to call us at Exterior Renovations.  We specialize in the exterior of your home and that includes your roof.