Garage Renovation – Bump-out

Have you ever driven by a home and noticed that on one side of the home is a large wall with one window and no doors?  It looks like a massive display of vinyl siding and where a large raised deck should go.  Based on the information provided in this content, this is usually next to the garage as the side of the garage is where all the money was cut from the home building project.  It’s the side of the house where nobody goes.  Right? However, it is still recommended for people to try here for garage services and keep garage doors shinny!

I have that same kind of thing as our home was built in 1964 and although 90% of the interior of the home has been renovated and updated, it’s now time to take that side of the garage and make it useful. The door for the garage deserves to be of top quality that you can avail at all of Arlington Heights.
Let me begin by saying this.  My wife Jennifer does not care one lick about the garage.  So this project is all mine.  There are five reasons I decided to renovate the garage:
1. We purchased a new Infiniti Qx60 and I want to keep it nice and detail it as often as I can.  I want to basically build a living room for the new car where I can wash and wax it even in the winter.  I want to make it a fun and cool place to drive into when she comes home from work.  Plus, when we have holiday guests over I want another place where we can go and play ping pong, throw darts, smoke cigars, etc., as there will be a flat-screen TV and music piped into the garage. Read about Garage Door Safety for Kids and Why It’s So Important.  I have all the stuff already!  I can’t do any of those things with the trash barrels in the way along with all the other stuff that doesn’t belong in the shed.  Once you back the car and truck out the garage is empty.
2. I have a great deal of wire and products left over from all the other projects that I want to use and not throw away.  For example, I have 100 ft of 12/2 wire and 150 ft of 14/2 wire and countless switches and outlets, lights and all kinds of things I can use that I won’t need to buy.  I have 25 8′ 2×4’s and a dozen 2×8’s and tar paper for the roof and several sheets of 1/2″ chipboard I can use.  I’m sick of looking at all this stuff and I want to use it up.
3. I also want to insulate the entire garage and that includes the ceiling as it has zero insulation.  This will prevent ice dams that form every winter where the garage meets the house in the back.  These ice dams have been as much as a foot thick at times.  That’s crazy and dumb as that will ruin the roof.  I will also add more insulation to the attic above the house at the same time.
4. My brother-in-law is an electrician who works for beer.  Well, he works for beer for me.  He came over last weekend and we planned out where all the outlets and switches would go and he told me which heaters to buy as I’m going to add electric heaters and then looked at the panel and marked where the breakers would go.  When I’m done with the wiring he will come back and make sure it’s done correctly.  More beer is needed.
5. I’m going to build a bump-out on the side of the garage that has nothing on the other side of that wall that faces the side yard.  This is where we will put the trash and recycle bins and we can add an extra refrigerator or freezer so the entire garage will be completely empty except for the car and truck.  I’m also going to epoxy coat the floor so it’s awesome and a great place to go and clean the vehicles, turn on the game or listen to music at the same time.
Jennifer now loves the idea of the extra fridge or freezer and the insulation idea so now she’s completely on board with this project.  The bump-out will be completely insulated as well.  I measured the area where the bump-out will go and I can make it a 10ft long by 7′ wide area.  That’s a pretty nice sized storage area and an excellent use of a space that gets no use at all.  When you’re sitting on the patio you won’t even see the bump-out but it will have a vaulted ceiling and the roofline will follow the roofline of the house.  I can go almost as high as the peak of the garage and add even more storage if necessary.
I’ll keep all of you posted on the progress as I’m about to start in the next week or so.