Insulation basics

Baby, it’s cold outside… Winter has punched us in the gut early this year. Way too early for most as many of us still have leaves on our trees and have not prepared the house for a long cold winter. That’s because winter is a month early. So let’s talk about insulation as you can never have enough insulation living in Wisconsin.

Batt Insulation

This is the cheapest form of insulation and it’s very good compared to the olden days. Batt insulation is not what it used to be and it is used every day by homeowners around the world. If your home has a 2×6 wall or 2×4 walls there are batts for each and for walls you can use R13 or R15 values. Both are very good and easy to install. You can buy batt insulation with a paper face or non-faced. To get an idea of how much batt insulation costs you can spend around $50 to cover a back wall of your 16′ W x 8′ H bedroom. Batts also provide sound insulation as well.

Blown-in Insulation

This is where the rubber meets the road with attic insulation and you can say goodbye to ice dams forming on the roof. Sure batts will work in the attic was well but having the insulation blown in is the way to go. It’s a little more work to rent a machine and set it up and get everything working but once you get going it’s kind of fun and the R-Values will put a smile on your face when you get your heating bill. This is one of the best insulations you can buy. In addition to being a mostly recycled product, cellulose blown-in insulation includes fire-retardant properties. It also resists insects, rodents, and mold and forms a good sound barrier. To fill up an attic on a three-bedroom ranch is approximately $1500. Don’t panic, though. You will save at least $100 per month on your heat and cooling bill. So, you will recoup your investment in about 18 months.

Spray Foam

Now we’re talking! This is the most advanced form of insulation you can buy and it is also a sound barrier. The beauty of spray foam is you can spray it on the ceiling in the walls or crawl spaces and it will deaden the sound and nothing is getting through.