Checking for roof leaks

I’m not trying to pile on to everyone’s misery but with the heavy rains and strong winds as well as the devastating flooding we have seen in Dane County this summer, another problem you may also encounter is roof leaks. Strong winds and hail play havoc on your roof shingles as noted by Transition Roofing. These types of violent storms can cut narrow swaths through a neighborhood while leaving the other side of the street almost untouched.

Branches that break off and drag across your roof is a major reason you have leaks. Many of the home owners also have an unanswered question in mind -‘How Long Does an Asphalt Roof Last On Average?‘ Not to mention punctures if the branch is heavy enough. Branches can get lodged under the shingle and then the trouble begins. This doesn’t mean that your entire roof needs to be replaced but matching shingles that have been on the roof for several years is tough to do.

According to the documents submitted by this roof installation Parker reports that the real problem is you may not notice the damage at first and then a winter arrives and snow melting starts to seep under the shingles and runs down the underside of the shingles causing the plywood to rot. This could take up to a year to notice but when you do you probably already forgot about the weather we had that caused this. Once ths happens now you have to replace the entire roof as well as the underlayment. Contact experts from Steel Fabrication Melbourne to get help with such fixtures.

I’ve also seen tree branches that fell on a roof that was resting along the side of a roof vent. A closer inspection showed that the roof vent had actually lifted up and away on one side leaving an exposed area where water could easily get in. You couldn’t see this from the ground looking up at the roof, you had to get onto the roof to notice this. I’m not trying to encourage you to get onto your roof, I’m saying that if you see this you should call us to get that inspected.

This is just a quick reminder to take your roof into consideration after all the heavy rain, hail, and severe weather we’ve been experiencing.